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All SUVs have become sharper at the wheel than they once were, but the Discovery Sport is set up to be almost aggressive.

The electric power steering feels very quick just off-centre, and there’s lots of feel through the rim – it’s surprisingly sporty, and it doesn’t lean over much in corners for something this tall.

casual dating erfahrungen Dortmund

There are lots of other new electronic toys, all slightly startling to those of us raised on stone-age tech Defenders: active parking assist, active high-beam lights, rear traffic crossing warnings, a reversing camera and traffic sign recognition are all available.When I collected it first, it felt a tiny bit underwhelming – lots of familiar Evoque bits, a slightly plain cabin, not having the seven-seat option – but over time it has really wormed its way into my affections.It’s comfy, capable, practical, agile and even fun.Bush mechanics need not apply; stick to your Series 3s, boys.What the Discovery Sport does very well, though, is it grows on you.

Casual dating erfahrungen Dortmund

Land Rover touts the Discovery Sport as a 5 2-seater, with a folding row of seats that fits into the boot, and into which can squeeze smaller kids or taller people for very short journeys.In the UK, all Discovery Sports come with these extra seats.It is in fact quite rewarding to drive, as well as being refined and comfy on the motorway.The dynamic downside is a ride that struggles to deal with short-wave imperfections and washboard surfaces, jiggling and jostling as it does so.You could have been forgiven for thinking that Land Rover has pretty much stopped making cars bearing its own name and simply decided to become Range Rover.

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