Dating hall teapots

Hall China Company became the world’s largest manufacturer of decorated teapots and launched a campaign to educate the American housewife as to the proper methods of brewing tea, and, of course, the proper pot was a Hall.

Dating hall teapots

Hall China also made another exclusive pattern for the Jewel Tea Company called Cameo Rose, but it did not prove to be successful and was soon dropped.All available production facilities at Hall were devoted to the manufacture of casseroles, teapots, coffeepots, coffee urn liners, and other vessels used in the preparation and serving of food.This gave impetus to the trend toward Hall China cooking ware that had started with the introduction of the single-fire product.The place was completed in 1930, and later underwent numerous expansions during the thirties and early forties.As production continued to boom the company focused on decal dinnerware and kitchenware patterns.

Dating hall teapots

Novelty teapots were patterned after an object - such as an automobile, donut, football, or birdcage.During this same period of time, Hall made other dinnerware lines for other Tea companies and Sears, Roebuck and Company.Mass production of electric household refrigerators took off.Hall produced refrigerator ware, such as butter dishes, "leftovers" containers, and water jugs for Hotpoint, Whirlpool and Westinghouse companies to offer as premiums to their customers.All had fancy gold body decorations, and the spout, handle and lid finial, or knob, were covered in gold.

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