Dating sider Dragør

The Canadian courts found him liable for the collision.That finding of liability was upheld on appeal by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, at that time the court of last resort for the British Empire and Commonwealth.

dating sider Dragør

In the evening of D-Day she moved to Juno Beach sector, to support the advancing Allied troops.Together with HMS Inglefield and Foresight, she sank the French submarine Persée and took part in shelling the port.After this action she was moved to Freetown, from where she operated against the German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer in December.On 16 September 1940 she scored her first victory after capturing the French steamer Touareg.On 23 September of the same year she reached the area of the port of Dakar, where she took part in Operation Menace against the French fleet stationed there.

Dating sider Dragør

While the name of the ship remained the same it took on a new meaning.Dragon in Polish is smok, while "Dragon" in Polish means Dragoon (a mounted infantry soldier) although the latter still comes in a roundabout way from dragon.She recommissioned with a reserve crew 16 July 1937, serving as a tender to HMS Cardiff, In November 1939, she took part in pursuit of the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee.In February 1940, HMS Dragon crossed the Mediterranean and returned to the Atlantic.Since the rump crew could not operate the ship independently, she had to be attached to various convoys and it took almost half a year before she finally reached Liverpool via Cape Town, Chatham and Durban.

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