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Built on the old foundations of the Haito Minster some time after the turn of the first millennium a new building in the early Romanesque style of the Ottonian period was built by order of Bishop Adalberto II (approx. Sometimes called “Adalberto Cathedral”, the three-nave cathedral is actually named after its patron Emperor Henry II, in German “Heinrich”.The cathedral is dedicated to Henry II and his wife Kunigunde.

fickdate ch Münster

In 1421 Ulrich von Ensingen, who constructed the towers of the minsters in Ulm and Strasbourg, began the extension of the northern tower (Georgsturm). The southern tower (Martinsturm) was completed by Hans von Nussdorf on 23 July 1500.A third storey was added to Georgsturm, and the Martinsturm was started.Even though supported by massive pillars, an earthquake in 1356 destroyed five towers, the choir and various vaults.On the foundations of the previous buildings a church with three naves and a transept was built.The western facade was finished sometime in the latter part of the 13th century.

Fickdate ch Münster

Originally a Catholic cathedral and today a Reformed Protestant church, it was built between 10 in Romanesque and Gothic styles.The late Romanesque building was destroyed by the 1356 Basel earthquake and rebuilt by Johannes Gmünd, who was at the same time employed for building the Freiburg Münster.The first bishop of Basel is claimed to be Justinianus 343-346 AC. kostenfreie partnersuche Leipzig The bishop's see was relocated from Augusta Raurica (today Kaiseraugst) to Minster hill during the Early Middle Ages.This date marks the official architectural completion of the minster.

In the 15th century the major and the minor cloisters were added.

The minster served as a bishop’s see until 1529 during the Reformation.

Today's congregation forms part of the Evangelical-Reformed Church of the Canton Basel-Stadt.

Heinrich Minster did not possess a tower on the south side.

The building as it stands today dates back for the most part to the late Romanesque building constructed in the last third of the 12th century and completed around 1225.

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