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That valve had a couple of pesky pinhole leaks in the casting and could not be repaired.

Control-wire splice boxes have been installed over two of the buried junction boxes as additional protection.Still left for completion is pouring new concrete thrust blocks around the valves which are located just below cabin #56 and also the placement of soil over the new valves and pipes at that location. Partnersuche Finally, we will be tidying up all excavation areas related to our new water system and scattering native grass species seed over the disturbed soil.With these control cables connected, our water sensors at the steel tank should tell the pump to begin pumping until the tank is full.9/8/11: Akland Pump arrived yesterday to rework leaking valves that they installed about two weeks ago.

Online dating kostenlos vergleich Herne

Before covering our excavation below cabin #56, we will check that our new valves and pipe at that location do not have any leaks.The next step will be to complete the wiring and spicing of control wires to the splice box near the Vandiver cabin (#74).The controller and relay appears to be working properly, but a series of further tests will be made to verify that it is operating consistently.Also, the Franklin Pump-Saver electronics need to be programmed to protect our pump from "no-water" and rapid-cycling conditions before the pump is put into operation.After starting our system about three weeks ago for the first time, we experienced a minor "glitch".

Our 15,000 gallon water tank was empty due to the failure of our new submersible pump to pump water. 1/26/12: Andy Creek cabin roads have been plowed, but there are layers of ice and snow covering much of the surface. Power has been on and off frequently during this past week..durations of up to 10 hours. If you are knowledgeable regarding replacement of the thermocouple, you may be able to obtain a replacement at Oak Creek Ace Hardware in Naches (about 30 miles east of Andy Creek). Large pieces of ice and snow have been falling onto some cabin rooftops. This condition will not allow the propane gas to flow, resulting in no heat at your cabin if you rely on this heatsource exclusively.These box-styled protective splice boxes along our pipeline pathway leading to our steel tank.We're still in the process of testing the pump controllers prior to placing our new system in service and disconnecting our connections to the Forest Service well and redwood storage tank.

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