Private fickanzeigen Offenbach am Main

The "International Hotgirls" seem to have stopped partying at Gladbacher Strae 4 in Viersen, and at my BLACKLISTed location Schneewittchen in Viersen was no AO flatrate event happening for months.

So if nothing happens there until late September I will delete both these places in Viersen too.

Do you know by any chance how much opportunity for mongering there is in Koblenz? My regular AO-map is pretty much out of date; I can just barely find the time to keep the monthly maps updated.

Mongering opportunities in Koblenz are slim, and almost non existing regarding AO.And Creampie-Steffi has unfortunately quit doing her Creampie-Gangbangs at various hotel-locations due to being terrorized by Bureau Krauts. partnersuche im internet kostenlos Jena So unless someone else starts using the Autobahn-hotel on the A2 at Rhynern-Nord, (where I put the marker) I will delete this place too.(That is regarding flatrate venues; for 1-on-1 covered sex, you'll find plenty of hoors in Koblenz.And AO P4 P-club Dolce Vita Raubach isn't far from Koblenz either.). A lot of what does happen isn't advertised, only spread through word of mouth.

Private fickanzeigen Offenbach am Main

So there will be no GB01-AO-events held there anymore either. put a pink pin on places that will be deleted if nothing happens there in the next 4 weeks: Eves Diamonds in Mnchengladbach-Odenkirchen, because they are closed for good.I wonder about Swingerclub Liberty-Rose in Bildstock in the Saarland.On their website, they advertise a "Cream Pie Party" for WED, SEP 18th 9- for 60 for guys / 20 for couples. I don't put it on the map yet; not until I'm I called and asked and got confirmation that the Cream Pie Parties are definitely AO; I was also told that AO is done at a lot of the regular parties as well.And I changed the name of Cleopatra Arena in Gelsenkirchen to "Saunaclub Cleopatra", which is what it says on their website now.

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