Single hop lager

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Since malt is so important to a SMa SH beer, you need to pick a flavorful malts.A group of dedicated home brewers have coined the term “SMa SH” to help drive simpler brewing. The idea is to break brewing down to its basic elements and emphasize the flavor of a single malt and single hop variety.Obviously SMa SH brewing is not suited to every beer style.For example, most of the BJCP beer styles can be made with only two malts – one base malt and one specialty malt.The key here is to focus on the minimum needed to achieve your objective.

Single hop lager

The tendency is to add everything but the kitchen sink to make that first recipe as special as possible.My first attempts at recipe design included at least 5 specialty malts, four hop additions, water additions and a bunch of other stuff.Since it emphasizes the flavors of a single malt and a single hops it can really help to define those flavors for the brewer.It lets you truly understand what one hop and one malt bring to the beer.Obviously SMa SH can be extended to include more than one malt or hop addition, though it is no longer SMa SH at this point.

However, the concepts of simplicity and limited ingredients still apply.Also, you can create a single base mash and consider breaking it out into multiple batches using different hops if you have sufficient equipment.The simplicity of SMa SH makes recipe design really easy.They simply cannot afford to maintain a large stock of dozens of ingredients – they have to be able to create a variety of beers with a limited set of ingredients.Yet they make award winning beers from a small stock.

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