Single santa seeks mrs. claus (2004)

When Nick falls in love with Beth, who was not on that list, Ernest uses her file to persuade Nick to give up on Beth, noting that she does not believe in Santa Claus.

Jedi Mind Trick: Apparently this is one of the powers of Santa Claus.

Single santa seeks mrs. claus (2004)

Many Christmas movies feature women who seem to resolve the loss of their fathers by replacing them with husbands.Both scenes are followed by one of Santa reading Beth’s note and saying whether or not he can grant the wish without revealing what that wish is.In the first scene, Beth is a child, and it’s later said that this note was a request for Santa to bring Beth’s father home.Marshfield is impatient and aggressive, and quits after Beth confronts him over his bad behavior.Family Values Alert: This is another Christmas movie where Santa Claus and the concept of giving children toys at Christmas are presented as wholesome, but the toy industry is chastized as an irresponsible caretaker to America’s children.

Single santa seeks mrs. claus (2004)

That Christmas Tree Reminds Me of the One I Lost: Beth stopped believing in Santa Claus after Santa failed to fulfill a childhood request to bring her father home.Motif Alert: The film begins and ends with Beth writing a note to Santa.Nick is hired to appear in the commercial, and as they work together Nick and Beth fall in love. Mann verschiebt dates Beth stopped believing in Santa Claus after asking him to bring her father home as a child, a request Santa could not fulfill.In this film, the male love interest is Santa’s son, who inherits his father’s gift-giving position.

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Santaveillance: As you know, it is a general rule of the Santa Claus myth that Santa collects a lot of information about people: What they want for Christmas, whether they’ve been naughty or nice, and so on.

This is one of those Christmas movies where that information is exploited to achieve (admittedly benevolent) goals.

Nick tells multiple people sensitive information he learned about them through Santa’s surveillance in an effort to demonstrate that he knows what is best for them.

Nick is hired to replace Sir John Marshfield, but Nick refuses to play Santa Claus, because he thinks “it’s wrong to use Santa for commercials – he means much more than that.” Nick also plays the video game that the commercial is promoting and leverages his role as the game’s spokesperson to request changes to the game to make it more child-friendly.

Product Placement Alert: Several Milton-Bradley games are played in the film.

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