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In January and February Rene Moenster of Circus Baldoni tried his luck by sending a magic show WILD WITH MAGIC on tour.There were performances in arenas in some cities on Zealand and the Faroe Islands.The other Danish circuses were all on the road once again although several of them, including Circus Arena and Circus Dannebrog, as Benneweis for the later years have had loss-making seasons.Fortunately for the circuses in Denmark there was 2017 a general increase in the number of visitors.

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CIRCUS MASCOT had performances in in Herning Shopping Centre and Aalborg Shopping Centre.This he does by as ringmaster - now show master - to live up to the modern unbearable lightness and assisted by his two newest best friends, Sara Maria Franch-Mrkedahl and James Sampson from the Danish version of 'Strictly Come Dancing'. dansk date Aabenraa (Patrick participated in Strictly Come Dancing in the autumn 2015).From left: the mayor of Hvidovre Helle Adelborg, the Talent of the Year Alexander Arli, the year's Best Act Captain Frodo, the receiver of the Danish Circus Award 2016 Benny Berdino, the Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder, jury members Pia Jette Hansen and Jan Hertz and chairman Ole Simonsen.Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein During the school’s winter holidays in February CIRCUS KRONE had performances in Aarhus.

You date Ærø

We believe that, not only can he go in height but also in width when he jumps from one rola bola board to another. Last act in the performance was Mario Berousek who juggles faster with his clubs than any other.The photos taken at 1 / 1,600 seconds, but would probably have looked more realistic (with clubs in motion) if I had used a slower rate. Well it's not new world sensations, we get to see, but the pleasure is just at the sight of 'lady in red' and 'black beauty', Laura Berdino and Arenas black Friesian stallions.Despite a nice program the number of visitors was disappointing, especially at the Faroe Islands. So said the old circus director Benny Berdino who will turn 70 in August. dating denmark Gentofte And then he claps his hands and gives room for a generational change for open curtains.The award ceremony took place Tuesday 23 August in the fencing hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen and became a festive event.

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The Danish Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder presented the Danish circus and artist world's finest award, the Danish Circus Award, to Benny Berdino who now for 40 years had headed Circus Arena and had made it to the largest circus in the Nordic countries.

It is in these years not easy to run a circus in Denmark.

It could be seen on 9 January when Circus Benneweis, the world's oldest circus owned by the same family and with annual tours every year since 1887, announced that they after some loss-making seasons would spend one or two years off the road for restructuring. The Medias in Denmark are unfortunately more interested in stories about problems and accidents than in reviews or reports from the performances or the daily life in a circus.

JIMMY ENOCH produced a show called Enoch's Circus Show.

In week 7 in Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense and in the following week in Friis City Center in Aalborg.

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